Welcome to Split!

Now for the piece you’ve all been waiting for…the start of the action from Split, Croatia!  I may be two weeks into Prague already, but better late than never.

After sleeping through (according to me) or surviving (according to Ahi) the flight from Munich to Split, we were welcomed at the airport by members of our Remote Year team.  While we were received with lots of excitement, our welcome party received a lot of sleepy looks in return.

Propeller Plane to Split
Photo Credit: Ahi Shahar – travel buddy, neighbor, friend

We collected our welcome packets, were ushered into an awaiting Uber and off we went to our first new home!  For those who don’t know, Split is a mix of seaside and mountains, allowing for stunning views along our drive.  We arrived at our co-working space and were quickly shown to our apartments.  Low and behold, my travel buddy was also my new neighbor!

After a few minutes spent unpacking (one suitcase really doesn’t take too long!), I set off to find the essentials.  I hit the grocery store, stocked up on pasta and shampoo, and stumbled through checkout in a language I had no hope of understanding.  I hit a few more spots in search of sunscreen – since when is May on the beach too early for stock?!?

Having failed at purchasing sunscreen, I set off to the beach to meet the other members of Kairos that had arrived.  We kicked off the evening with drinks and music in the sun before deciding to search for a nearby restaurant to grab some dinner.

We quickly found there weren’t many food options in the immediate area!  After realizing most places would only be serving coffee or drinks, I decided to host my first dinner party.  I’d already grabbed the essentials, so while others went in search of wine and appetizers, I set off making a full pasta meal for the group.  My new neighbor was quickly becoming a best friend, providing all the kitchen essentials my new apartment was missing.  Between the two of us, we made it work.  Welcome to our new community!


Then we were off for our first night on the town.  Everyone knows the best way to get over jet lag is to keep yourself up until a decent hour in your new location.  Ahi and I decided to break off from the group, and he quickly learned all walks would take twice as long when I had a camera at the ready.  Overall, it turned out to be a beautiful first night in Split, with good memories, new friends and fun experiences already in the books.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    You look so happy, always the hostess as well. Sounds like a nice group of people as well. Will you be working with this group?
    We are all good here as well. Just got back from Alaska,it was awesome.
    Sending you lots of hugs 😘😘😘😘


    1. I’m currently looking into some different consulting opportunities, more collaboration on projects within the group for fun. So glad you liked Alaska – we had an incredible experience there! Love to the family 🙂


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